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Our company and our missions



Air Liquide Medical Systems is the subsidiary of Air Liquide Healthcare that is dedicated to Medical Devices.

The company develops, manufactures and sells innovative products in three fields: ventilation (ventilators and patient interfaces for intensive care, emergency care, transport, home), equipments for medical gases and aerosol therapy.

The history...

Air Liquide Medical Systems was created in 2009 from Taema (France), Markos Mefar (Italy) and Electrocare Systems & Services (India) Air Liquide Medical Systems S.A.. (formerly Taema) was a department of Air Liquide in 1975 and became a subsidiary in 1989.

It first started developing and manufacturing equipments designed to distribute and supply medical gases in hospitals, before straightening its way to equipments for respiratory medicine.

Air Liquide Medical Systems S.p.A. (formerly Markos Mefar) is the result of the merge between Markos and Mefar, two Italian firms that were respectively bought out in 1996 and 2000.

Since 1970, efforts in research and expertise in the respiratory field have allowed the company to stand out as a leader on the Italian market for aerosol therapy devices.

Its products are designed for the treatment of pathologies that affect the lower and higher respiratory tract.

Air Liquide Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Electrocare Systems & Services) was founded in 1981 and acquired by Air Liquide in 2008.

Based in Chennai (Madras), the company manufactures ventilators for intensive care and anesthesia. It also ensures the distribution and after-sale service of Air Liquide Medical Systems products in India, through a network that covers the whole country.


Air Liquide Medical Systems main customers are: hospitals, home health care providers, pharmacists, patients, distributors.

Our products are developed for a daily use by health professionals in various environments: intensive care, emergency and pneumology units. As well as for the patients themselves at home.

The satisfaction of our customers and users remains our priority. We wish to satisfy our customers with high quality and high standards products meeting users’ expectations, and professional service offers. Proximity is key in the relationship we maintain with our customers

Being a leader in innovation for healthcare professionals

Innovation is at the heart of Air Liquide Medical Systems products.

Our Research and Development department gathers 50 researchers who are experts in various technological fields: mechanics, electro-mechanics, electronics, fluid mechanics, embedded software, software applications.

Continuous innovation leads the way to propose medical devices and service offers that improve patient’s daily comfort, and provide simple use. Each product of Air Liquide Medical Systems is developed in cooperation with health professional teams, on the basis of constant attention to our customers’ needs and evolutions of the healthcare environment.

Being close to our customers worldwide

An important share of Air Liquide Medical Systems turnover is realized out of France. Air Liquide Medical Systems meet the major stakes that Air Liquide Healthcare is facing in the world.

Our presence is managed through subsidiaries (France, Italy, United Kingdom, India, China, Brazil) and representative offices (Germany, Spain, Russia, Malaysia). A distribution network allows us to be a player in 90 countries.


A world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 75 countries with approximately 66,400 employees and serves more than 3.8 million customers and patients. Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are essential small molecules for life, matter and energy. They embody Air Liquide’s scientific territory and have been at the core of the company’s activities since its creation in 1902.


Air Liquide anticipates the challenges of its markets, invests locally and globally, and delivers high-quality solutions to its customers and patients, and the scientific community.

The company relies on competitiveness in its operations, targeted investments in growing markets and innovation to deliver profitable growth over the long-term.

Air Liquide’s revenues amounted to €16.4 billion in 2015, and its solutions that protect life and the environment represented more than 40% of sales. On 23 May 2016, Air Liquide completed its acquisition of Airgas, which had revenues amounting to $5.3 billion (around €4.8 billion) for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2016.

Air Liquide is listed on the Paris Euronext stock exchange (compartment A) and is a member of the CAC 40 and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 indexes.

* Following the acquisition of Airgas on 23 May 2016