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What if you could enhance your CPR performance?

Dealing with cardio-respiratory arrest: Adequate ventilation is needed to preserve circulation Ventilation can adversely affect circulation while delivering chest compressions (CCs). Its role is, however, crucial when cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is prolonged. To meet CPR requirements, in line with international guidelines, ventilation should include high-quality CC and optimal oxygenation.

What is it? 

The CPV (Cardio Pulmonary Ventilation) mode is an innovative solution in cardiac arrest management. It can be provided with the emergency transport ventilator Monnal T60 .

Its goals are to easily perform ventilation and improve circulation at the same time It facilitates CPR management.

How to use it & how it works?

The single button, displayed on the home screen, immediately launches the CPV mode under preset settings in line with international guidelines. These settings can be modified according to clinical requirements, when necessary.

The CPV solution assists users throughout the entire process of CPR, from the early stages of CPR, such as ventilation with mask interfaces (to avoid the risks associated with bag valve ventilation), until the more demanding technical stages, such as tracheal intubation.


The CPV solution ensures that the CC and return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) phases switch when necessary, and so facilitates ventilation management.


  • ONE TOUCH to start

  • LIMITS the risks associated with bag valve ventilation

  • ENHANCES circulation

  • LIMITS alarms

  • GUIDES users to CPR