Simplicity to the power of XT / The integrated medical air compressor

eXtend XT has been developed to enhance a wide range of treatments for critical-care patients. Its user-friendly interface and wide screen make it easy and safe to use. EXtendXT has a large range of monitoring capacities like lung recruitability evaluation to assist in the diagnosis and decision-making process for the most critical patients.

Medical air compressors provide a source of clean and dry compressed air. They can be used as main air source or as back-up in case of failure of the primary source.

Critical care

Patients from newborns to adults Invasive and non-invasive ventilation: automatic leak compensation.
2. Complete range of ventilation modes including VCV, PSV, Duo-Levels, APRV, MRV ( ALMS innovation), PRVC.

Functional exploration

15-inch screen for comfortable reading
Automatic compliance and resistance measurement Total PEEP, Auto-PEEP, plateau pressure
Display of four simultaneous curves: realtime curves and loop curves Weaning index: P0.1, RR/Vt


  • Integration into the intensive care unit
  • Patient safety
  • Advanced patient monitoring and data recording
  • A diagnosis tool
  • Treating all types of patients
  • Considering all treatment strategies


  • Indicators and alarms guaranteeing safe us Automatic back-up function in case of hospital's medical air network failure

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