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VEGA is an invaluable product among our line of critical care ventilators. Patients in the intensive care unit require continuous support from their physicians, hospital staff and medical devices. We have designed an innovative ventilator to simplify the hospital team's experience with their device, so they can spend more time caring for their patients. Clinicians can treat their patients with extensive ventilation modes, oxygen therapy, in-built nebulization, and monitor critical parameters with VEGA.

Designed to handle critical care with ease

It is a user-friendly ventilator, developed for clinicians to work with ease throughout the clinical pathway. The device offers patient comfort by delivering precise breaths to critically ill patients ranging from adult to child (>10 kg)). The large screen displays weaning parameters, trends, loops and curves, which allow the ICU teams to make informed decisions.

Enabling Safety Ventilation

Our devices are European CE-marked. They have undergone rigorous testing, prior to use in intensive care units (ICUs).

Performance you need

Invasive Ventilation: The primary reason for intubating critically ill patients is to improve the distribution of air in the lungs. Our device offers care to patients requiring controlled, spontaneous and adaptive modes.

Non-Invasive Ventilation : Non-invasive ventilation has become an integral tool in the management of acute and chronic respiratory failure in a critical care unit. The usage of NIV-PSV and CPAP modes, optimize patient comfort with leak compensation.

PRVC-SIMV, an Adaptive Mode of Ventilation : This adaptive mode of ventilation operates as pressure controlled and spontaneous breathing. The mode ensures guaranteed volume for your patient while regulating the pressure levels. During spontaneous breathing, the required pressure support is provided. The clinician can utilize this mode to wean the patient while monitoring essential parameters.

Nasal High-Flow Oxygen Therapy delivers an accurate FiO2 range, while preserving moisture and temperature conditions of the lung similar to spontaneous breathing


  1. 10.4 inches large graphical Touch-screen
  2. Non-Invasive Ventilation PS-PEEP
  3. Built-in HFOT
  4. Dedicated CPAP