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Hospital F disposable & reusable

Face masks for hospital use

The Respireo™ Hospital F mouth-nose mask is a range of masks with and without leaks, entirely designed for non-invasive respiratory support of the patient. This mouth-nose mask is specifically dedicated to hospital use. It ensures the well-being of the patient thanks to an adjustable and comfortable harness. Its quick release system allows the lower straps of the harness to be quickly removed if necessary. The mask is designed in particular with biocompatible silicone and does not include latex or phthalates.

This hospital respiratory mask is available in a single-use or reusable version. The Respireo™ Hospital F Disposable mask is a unique patient mask, usable for up to 7 days. This equipment is available in a version with or without intentional leakage and is compatible with different models of ventilators.

The Respireo™ Hospital F Reusable mask is reusable on several patients, and exists in a version without intentional leakage. The mask can be regenerated up to 20 times using one of the following methods:

  • high level thermal disinfection
  • high level chemical disinfection
  • sterilization in an autoclave at 121°C for a maximum of 20 minutes

The sling must be replaced between each patient.

Respireo™ Hospital F mask: the highlights

The Respireo™ Hospital F hospital naso-oral mask allows:

  • ensure effective, non-invasive and comfortable ventilation;
  • To guarantee safe use;
  • Simplify traceability and therefore save time

A hospital mask compatible with different respirators

The Respireo™ Hospital F respiratory mask has been developed to adapt to different models of invasive and non-invasive ventilation devices. This equipment is compatible with the following ventilators:

  • Monnal™ T50
  • Monnal™ T60
  • Monnal™ T75
  • Extend™

A hospital mask that is easy to fit and remove

The Respireo™ Hospital F hospital breathing mask is easily installed by following three steps:

  1. Turn the knob of the front wedge to the maximum
  2. Install the harness, then if necessary, adjust the inclination of the front branch using the wheel
  3. Insert the two quick-release clips into the slots provided for this purpose on the body of the mask, and adjust the harness until the mask adheres comfortably to the face while ensuring a good seal. If necessary, re-adjust the bottom straps to eliminate any leaks (be careful not to over-tighten).